Who We Are

Blanco River Regional Recovery Team (BR3T)

Our Mission

To strengthen area-wide disaster coordination in Blanco, Caldwell, Hays and Guadalupe counties by sharing information, simplifying resident access, and jointly resolving cases with unmet needs

The Blanco River Regional Recovery Team or BR3T is a 501 (c)(3) organization that facilitates Long Term Recovery for victims of the Memorial Day Weekend, All Saints and other disasters in Blanco, Caldwell, Guadalupe and Hays County Texas. We partner with both government, secular and faith based organizations to bring all of the pieces together to address unmet needs of flood survivors. Our clients are often elderly, low income or disabled and might otherwise fall through the cracks in rebuilding their lives. BR3T is a local organization who can proudly say that 100% of donations made to us, stay here in the BR3T service area helping our communities. We are proud to be a part of the community and our hearts will always put the needs of our communities first.

Long-term community recovery is:

  • Community driven and locally controlled
  • Project-oriented, focused on projects that most contribute to community recovery and that mitigate future disasters.
  • A partnership among local agencies, jurisdictions, officials and the state and federal government.

The Blanco River Regional Recovery Team aims to help communities develop sustainable, ecological, simple, easy-to-maintain systems to get assistance to everyone who needs it. The length of time for recovery will depend on the resources available and the amount of damage sustained. In most cases it takes years.

Br3T Committees

Case Management

Case management uses a collaborative process to assess, investigate and evaluate the options available to individuals affected by the Floods. Case managers approve and monitor services required to meet individual needs. Case management works with World Renew Disaster Response Services whose members went door-to-door to conduct an assessment of unmet needs in each community. Case management is characterized by advocacy, communication and resource management and promotes quality and cost-effective interventions and outcomes.

Donations Committee

Donations is responsible for soliciting, cataloging, managing, warehousing and distributing donated materials and resources. The Committee works closely with the Case Management, Construction Services and Public Information to determine the donation needs for the Blanco River Regional Recovery Team and seek out those materials. Resources sought include building materials, home furnishings and financial donations, and the Committee researches and seeks public and foundation grants to assist in the long-term recovery process. Additionally Donations works closely with local vendors, such as McCoy’s and HEB, and aid organizations including St. Vincent DePaul and their “House in a Box” program and Good360, a nonprofit that connects donating companies and individuals with recovery non-profits. Donations operates the building material donations warehouse in San Marcos at the Hays County Civic Center off Clovis Barker Drive

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services recruits and organizes individuals and groups to help families and individuals affected by the Floods. The Committee provides a variety of volunteers at all skill levels throughout the area with help in cleaning properties and removing debris, rebuilding damaged houses, sorting donations of materials and products, distributing information leaflets, helping with data entry and office task and other needs.

Construction Management

Construction Management works closely with Case Management and the Donation’s materials in constructing, rebuilding and restoring family homes damaged or destroyed by the Floods. They also coordinate with many of the non-profit organizations providing volunteer construction services such as the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), an organization composed of 158 churches, the Mennonite Disaster Services and Texas Baptist Disaster Recovery (TBDR)

Spiritual and Emotional Support

Emotional and spiritual care during recovery is different from the care that pastors, ministers, and the clergy may provide on a day-to-day basis. Members of this Support Committee work in partnership with mental healthcare practitioners to help the survivors recover their mental and emotional well-being. Committee member provide emotional care to survivors regardless of faith, denomination, religion, culture, or lack of faith and respect the survivor’s wishes and beliefs. Emotional counselors make referrals to mental health counselors and provide information on the resources available

Public Information

Public Information disseminates all vital Information and requests funds, volunteers and materials through the press, social networking, the various member agencies, and other sources. Public Information works with all Committees to ensure that all information is accurate and builds trust and confidence in the Blanco River Regional Recovery Team and its activities. Up to date information can be found on the BR3T website and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BR3Volunteers.